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Thwarted: A Game of Super Villainy with Power Pack Expansion and Promo Cards


Thwarted! A Game of Super-Villainy is a casual card game where players assume the roles of villains and attempt to defeat the superheroes of The City. The only thing standing in each villain's way, are the other villains.

Villains have access to action cards that allow them to steal cards, force discards, counter other villain attacks, and so on. If only the villains worked together, they could easily defeat the arrogant superheroes, but they are too concerned with getting all the credit to work together.

The heroes are represented in the form of cards that are played out of a separate Hero Deck. Each hero has an attack value, that also doubles as their point value at the end of the game. The heroes also have their own superpower that trigger when they are defeated. Some of these superpowers will help the attacking villain, others will hurt the attacking villains, and some will hurt every villain!

The game is over when either of the decks run out of cards. Once the game is over, each player's Victory Points are totaled and one villains is declared as "The Greatest Super-Villain of All Time!"